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Process Programming and Workflow

Process programs coordinate the efforts of people, computers, tools. We are investigating language mechanisms to support process programming, and using process programming languages to write executable code for software processes. We are developing Little-JIL, a process programming language, and Juliette, an interpretation engine to guide execution of process programs written in Little-JIL.

In LASER, we are focused on process programming technology as a platform for the evaluation, comparison, analysis, evolution and improvement of a wide range of processes. We believe that programming will lead to better understanding and improvement of the processes, as well as providing more effective computerized support.

Recent Publications

Process Driven Guidance for Complex Surgical Procedures
George S. Avrunin, Stefan C. Christov, Lori A. Clarke, Heather M. Conboy, Leon J. Osterweil, Maro A. Zenati, In the American Medical Informatics Association 2018 Annual Symposium (AMIA 2018), November 3 - 7, 2018, San Francisco, CA. pp. 175-184. (UM-CS-2018-010)

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Iterative Analysis to Improve Key Properties of Critical Human-Intensive Processes: An Election Security Example
Leon J. Osterweil, Matt Bishop, Heather Conboy, Huong Phan, Borislava I. Simidchieva, George Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Sean Peisert, ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS), Vol. 20, No. 2, May 2017, pp. 5:1-31. (UM-CS-2016-012)

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Assessing the effectiveness of five process elicitation methods: A case study of chemotherapy treatment plan review
Stefan C. Christov, Jenna L. Marquard, George S. Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke , Applied Ergonomics, Vol. 59, Part A, pp. 364-376, March 2017. (UM-CS-2016-013)

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An Incremental Approach to Identifying Causes of System Failures using Fault Tree Analysis
Huong Thithu Phan, College of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003, May 2016. (Thesis-Phan)

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