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Software Development

LASER is focused on developing techniques, tools, and processes to support the creation highly distributed systems and systems with high reliability requirements. Software development research at LASER includes:

Component-Based Software Engineering
LASER is exploring ways in which architectural description languages need to be designed to increase their usability, acceptability, and consequently analyzability.
Software Development Environments
We have long been interested in environments to support software engineering. LASER was a member of the Arcadia consortium.

Recent Publications

Supporting Process Undo and Redo in Software Engineering Decision Making
Xiang Zhao, Yuriy Brun, Leon J. Osterweil, 8th International Conference on Software and System Process (ICSSP '13), May 18-19, 2013. (UM-CS-2013-016)

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Lifecycle Environments: A Retrospective View of the Contributions of Leon J. Osterweil
Lori A. Clarke, chapter 8 in Engineering of Software - The Continuing Contributions of Leon J. Osterweil, Springer-Verlag, 2011, pp. 148-152. (UM-CS-2011-011)

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Plug-and-Play Architectural Design and Verification
Shangzhu Wang, George S. Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Architecting Dependable Systems V, Rogerio de Lemos, Felicita Di Giandomenico, Cristina Gacek, Henry Muccini, Marlon Vieira, eds., Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, State of the Art Survey, vol. 5135, (2008), pp. 273-297. (UM-CS-2008-46)

This is an updated version of TR UM-CS-2008-01, dated January 2008.

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Relocation in Mobile Process-Centered Software Development Environments
Supratik Bhattacharyya, Leon J. Osterweil, 11th International Workshop on Databases and Expert Systems (DEXA 2000), Greenwich, UK, pp. 198-203, September 2000. (UM-CS-2000-029)

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