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An election is a complex process that integrates the activities of various types of agents, both human and automated. The process must be flexible and extensible to capture the variations that exist in practice among different jurisdictions, and must be able to account for a variety of exceptional conditions as well as compensate for incorrect, and even malicious, behaviors of agents. Throughout all this, the process must also demonstrably satisfy many diverse types of requirements.

We are developing and evaluating the application of iterative process improvement technology to assure the privacy, security, reliability, and trust of elections, which are the very cornerstone of our democracy. In doing so, we are both exploring the range of applicability of the principles of iterative process improvement, an approach shown to be of great value in such domains as manufacturing and service provision, and are also making a novel and important contribution to defending one of the most critical processes of democracy.

Recent Publications

Iterative Analysis to Improve Key Properties of Critical Human-Intensive Processes: An Election Security Example
Leon J. Osterweil, Matt Bishop, Heather Conboy, Huong Phan, Borislava I. Simidchieva, George Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Sean Peisert, ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS), Vol. 20, No. 2, May 2017, pp. 5:1-31. (UM-CS-2016-012)

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Generation, Composition, and Verification of Process Families
Borislava I. Simidchieva, Leon J. Osterweil, In SPLC '14: Proceedings of the 18th International Software Product Line Conference Sept 15-19, Florence, Italy (2014), pp. 207-216. (UM-CS-2014-013)

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Insider Threat Identification by Process Analysis
Matt Bishop, Heather M. Conboy, Huong Phan, Borislava I. Simidchieva, George S. Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Leon J. Osterweil, Sean Peisert, In Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on Research for Insider Threat (WRIT) May 18, San Jose, CA (2014), pp. 251-264.. (UM-CS-2014-014)

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A Systematic Process-model-based Approach for Synthesizing Attacks and Evaluating Them
Huong Phan, George S. Avrunin, Lori A. Clarke, Leon J. Osterweil, Matt Bishop, 2012 Electronic Voting Technology Workshop/Workshop on Trustworthy Elections (EVT/WOTE '12), August 6-7, 2012. (UM-CS-2012-029)

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