Dining Philosopher with Host Property Specifications as QREs

This page describes the dining philosopher with host properties as Quantified Regular Expressions (QREs). For other property specification formalisms, click on the name of the property.

Adjacent Philosophers Not Eating property
for events { {phil_1_eating}, {phil_1_not_eating},
             {phil_2_eating}, {phil_2_not_eating} } 
show all executions satisfy

[-{phil_1_eating}, {phil_2_eating}]*; 
    ( {phil_1_eating}; 
      [-{phil_2_eating}, {phil_1_not_eating}]*; 
    ( {phil_2_eating}; 
      [-{phil_1_eating}, {phil_2_not_eating}]*; 
  [-{phil_1_eating}, {phil_2_eating}]* 

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