Property 4: LTL for Native SPIN

Requirement: Having received event e1, dispatcher never notifies artists of e2.

Pattern: Absence

Scope: After-Until (P is false after Q until R.)

LTL Template: [](Q -> !P U (R | [](!P)))


   P = notifyclienteventa1e2 || notifyclienteventa2e2
   Q = notifyartistse1
   R = notifyartistse2

LTL Formula:

[](notifyartistse1 -> (!(notifyclienteventa1e2 || notifyclienteventa2e2) U (notifyartistse2 || []!(notifyclienteventa1e2 || notifyclienteventa2e2))))

See the Never clause generated by SPIN from this LTL formula

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