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Packages that use ArgumentNotRepeatableException
laser.util.argument Contains classes for creating and manipulating arguments such as options and parameters.

Uses of ArgumentNotRepeatableException in laser.util.argument

Methods in laser.util.argument that throw ArgumentNotRepeatableException
 void Argument.initialize(Argument value)
          Initializes the argument with the specified value.
 void Arguments.initialize(Arguments values)
          Initializes the arguments with the specified values.
 void Arguments.load( theFile)
          Loads the arguments in from the given File.
 void Arguments.load( in)
          Loads the arguments from the given Reader.
 void Arguments.load(java.lang.String theFile)
          Loads the arguments in from the File with the given name.
 void Arguments.loadArgument(java.lang.String argumentSpec)
          Parses the given Argument specification and sets the name to the specified value.
 void Argument.parseValue(java.lang.String values)
          Parses the given string to get the values for this Argument.
 void BooleanParameter.setValue(java.lang.Boolean value)
          Sets the value of this BooleanParameter to the specified value.
 void BooleanOption.setValue(java.lang.Boolean value)
          Sets the value of this BooleanOption to the specified value.
 void ClassParameter.setValue(java.lang.Class value)
          Sets the value of this ClassOption to the specified value.
 void ClassOption.setValue(java.lang.Class value)
          Sets the value of this ClassOption to the specified value.
 void FloatParameter.setValue(java.lang.Float value)
          Sets the value of this FloatParameter to the specified value.
 void FloatOption.setValue(java.lang.Float value)
          Sets the value of this FloatOption to the specified value.
 void IntegerParameter.setValue(java.lang.Integer value)
          Sets the value of this IntegerParameter to the specified value.
 void IntegerOption.setValue(java.lang.Integer value)
          Sets the value of this IntegerOption to the specified value.
 void IntegerChoiceOption.setValue(java.lang.Integer value)
          Sets the value of this IntegerChoiceOption to the specified value.
 void LongParameter.setValue(java.lang.Long value)
          Sets the value of this LongParameter to the specified value.
 void LongOption.setValue(java.lang.Long value)
          Sets the value of this LongOption to the specified value.
protected  void ChoiceOption.setValue(java.lang.Object value)
          Sets the value of this Argument to the specified value.
protected  void Argument.setValue(java.lang.Object value)
          Sets the value of this Argument to the specified value.
 void StringParameter.setValue(java.lang.String value)
          Sets the value of this StringParameter to the specified value.
 void StringOption.setValue(java.lang.String value)
          Sets the value of this StringOption to the specified value.