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Packages that use ArgumentException
laser.util.argument Contains classes for creating and manipulating arguments such as options and parameters.

Uses of ArgumentException in laser.util.argument

Subclasses of ArgumentException in laser.util.argument
 class ArgumentFormatException
          The ArgumentFormatException signals that the user specifed an argument incorrectly.
 class ArgumentNotRepeatableException
          The ArgumentNotRepeatableException class signals that a user specified the value for an argument more than once on the command line even though it is not repeatable.
 class InvalidChoiceException
          The InvalidChoiceException signals that the user incorrectly specified or used a ChoiceOption.
 class UndefinedChoiceException
          The UndefinedChoiceException signals that the user incorrectly used a ChoiceOption.

Methods in laser.util.argument that throw ArgumentException
 java.lang.Object ClassParameter.getClassInstance()
          Creates an instance of the class named in this parameter
 java.lang.Object ClassOption.getClassInstance()
          Creates an instance of the class named in this option