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Packages that use REtoDFAInfo
laser.regularlanguage.util Utility classes commonly useful for regular languages (RLs). 

Uses of REtoDFAInfo in laser.regularlanguage.util

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.util that return REtoDFAInfo
 REtoDFAInfo REtoDFABuilder.generateNodeInfo(TreeNode<L> node, java.util.List<TreeNode<L>> leafNodes)
          Generates the firstpos, lastpos, followpos sets and nullable flag.
protected  REtoDFAInfo REtoDFABuilder.getNodeInfo(TreeNode<L> node)
          Gets the REToDFAInfo Object associated with the given TreeNode.

Constructor parameters in laser.regularlanguage.util with type arguments of type REtoDFAInfo
REtoDFAInfoPrinter(TreeNode<L> rootNode, java.util.Map<TreeNode<L>,REtoDFAInfo> nodeToInfo)
          Creates a new REtoDFAInfoPrinter.