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Packages that use Exponent
laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression Contains classes and interfaces for creating and manipulating regular expressions (REs). 
laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression.parser Provides classes for lexing and parsing (regular) expressions.
laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression.reparser Provides classes for lexing and parsing REs. 

Uses of Exponent in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression that return Exponent
 Exponent Exponent.clone()
          Returns a (deep) clone of this Exponent.
 Exponent ExponentNode.getExponent()
          Gets the exponent.

Constructors in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression with parameters of type Exponent
ExponentNode(TreeNode<L> child, Exponent exponent)
          Creates a new ExponentNode

Uses of Exponent in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression.parser

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression.parser that return Exponent
 Exponent RegularExpressionParser.exponent()
          exponent := ( aPosInt | LBRACE aPosInt (DASH (aPosInt)?)? RBACE ) An exponent in a regular expression.

Uses of Exponent in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression.reparser

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.regularexpression.reparser that return Exponent
 Exponent REParser.exponent()