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Packages that use MutableFSA
laser.regularlanguage.fsa Contains classes for creating and manipulating finite state automata (FSAs). 
laser.regularlanguage.util Utility classes commonly useful for regular languages (RLs). 

Uses of MutableFSA in laser.regularlanguage.fsa

Subclasses of MutableFSA in laser.regularlanguage.fsa
 class MutableDFA<L extends LabelInterface>
          This class represents DFAs that are mutable.

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.fsa that return MutableFSA
 MutableFSA<L> MutableFSA.clone()
          Returns a copy of this mutable FSA.

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.fsa with parameters of type MutableFSA
protected  RunnableFSAInterface<IndexedLabel> IndexedFSAFactory._internalGetRunnableFSA(MutableFSA<IndexedLabel> fsa)
          Instantiates a RunnableFSA from the given MutableFSA.
protected  RunnableFSAInterface<L> AbstractFSAFactory._internalGetRunnableFSA(MutableFSA<L> fsa)
          Instantiates a RunnableFSAInterface from the given MutableFSAInterface.

Uses of MutableFSA in laser.regularlanguage.util

Fields in laser.regularlanguage.util declared as MutableFSA
protected  MutableFSA<StringLabel> GNFA.gnfa_
          The corresponding GNFA in special form