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Packages that use MutableDFA
laser.regularlanguage.fsa Contains classes for creating and manipulating finite state automata (FSAs). 

Uses of MutableDFA in laser.regularlanguage.fsa

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.fsa that return MutableDFA
 MutableDFA<L> MutableDFA.clone()
          Returns a copy of this mutable DFA.

Methods in laser.regularlanguage.fsa with parameters of type MutableDFA
protected  RunnableDFAInterface<IndexedLabel> IndexedFSAFactory._internalGetRunnableDFA(MutableDFA<IndexedLabel> dfa)
          Instantiates a RunnableDFA from the given MutableDFA.
protected  RunnableDFAInterface<L> AbstractFSAFactory._internalGetRunnableDFA(MutableDFA<L> dfa)
          Instantiates a RunnableDFAInterface from the given MutableDFAInterface.

Constructors in laser.regularlanguage.fsa with parameters of type MutableDFA
MutableDFA(MutableDFA<L> dfa)
          Creates a new MutableDFA with the same states, transitions, and Alphabet as the specified MutableDFA (copy constructor).
RunnableDFA(MutableDFA<L> dfa, java.lang.Class<? extends AbstractFSATransitionTable> tableClass)
          Returns the runnable DFA corresponding to the specified mutable DFA that uses an AbstractFSATransitionTable of the specified Class.