Interface FSALabelPatternTransitionInterface<L extends LabelInterface>

Type Parameters:
L - The type of Label associated with the FSA that contains this transition.
All Superinterfaces:
Annotatable, java.lang.Comparable<FSATransitionInterface<L>>, FSATransitionInterface<L>,
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface FSALabelPatternTransitionInterface<L extends LabelInterface>
extends FSATransitionInterface<L>

Classes implementing this interface represent transitions on a LabelPattern in FSAs of type MutableFSAInterface.

More formally, a transition t on label pattern p represents a set of transitions T' on labels from the alphabet Σ of the FSA that label pattern p matches.

T' = { t' | source(t') = source(t) ∧ target(t') = target(t) ∧ label(t') ∈ p.getMatchingLabels(Σ) }

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See Also:
FSATransitionInterface, MutableFSAInterface.replaceLabelPatternTransitionsWithLabelTransitions(), laser.alphabetinterface.labelpatterninterface.LabelPatternInterface

Method Summary
 LabelPatternInterface<L> getLabelPattern()
          Returns a copy of the LabelPattern of this transition.
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Method Detail


LabelPatternInterface<L> getLabelPattern()
Returns a copy of the LabelPattern of this transition. No references are maintained between the returned LabelPattern and the LabelPattern on the transition, thus modifying the returned LabelPattern has no effect on the LabelPattern of the transition and vice versa.

A copy of the LabelPattern of this transition.