Interface DFAInterface<L extends LabelInterface>

Type Parameters:
L - The type of Label associated with this DFA.
All Superinterfaces:
Annotatable, ArtifactInterface, java.lang.Cloneable, FSAInterface<L>, Persistent,, Visualizable
All Known Subinterfaces:
MutableDFAInterface<L>, RunnableDFAInterface<L>
All Known Implementing Classes:
MutableDFA, RunnableDFA

public interface DFAInterface<L extends LabelInterface>
extends FSAInterface<L>

A DFA is a deterministic finite state automaton. It does not support epsilon (ε) transitions or nondeterminism. It is defined as an 8-tuple:

(Q, Σ, q0, A, T, source, target, label)

Q, Σ, q0, A, source, and target have the same definition as FSAInterface. But label and T are restricted as follows:

label : T → Σ is a function that given any transition in T returns the label of the transition, a symbol in Σ.

T is a finite set of transitions. The transitions implement FSATransitionInterface. FSAStateInterface#getOutgoingTransitions(L) is defined to return zero or one transitions. In other words, (∀ x, yT : source(x) = source(y) ∧ label(x) = label(y) → x = y).

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