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Packages that use StringAlphabetFactory
laser.alphabet Contains classes for creating and manipulating alphabets.
laser.regularlanguage.util Utility classes commonly useful for regular languages (RLs). 

Uses of StringAlphabetFactory in laser.alphabet

Methods in laser.alphabet that return StringAlphabetFactory
static StringAlphabetFactory StringAlphabetFactory.getInstance()
          Return a reference to the single instance of this class.

Uses of StringAlphabetFactory in laser.alphabet.test

Fields in laser.alphabet.test declared as StringAlphabetFactory
static StringAlphabetFactory StringAlphabetTest.factory
          A StringAlphabetFactory to use with the tests.
static StringAlphabetFactory EventAlphabetTest.factory
          A StringAlphabetFactory to use with the tests.

Uses of StringAlphabetFactory in laser.regularlanguage.util

Fields in laser.regularlanguage.util declared as StringAlphabetFactory
protected  StringAlphabetFactory GNFA.alphabetFactory_
          The AlphabetFactoryInterface to be used to create alphabets and labels