Computer Science 521/621

Class Schedule
Revised 11/16/10

Reading List
Lecture Notes
Sept. 7 Introduction
Sept. 9 Foundations
Sept. 14 SW Inspections
Sept. 16 Dynamic analysis/coverage
Sept. 21 Assertions HW1 assigned (due Oct. 4)
Sept 23 Error seeding and mutation testing
Sept. 28 Data-flow based testing
Sept. 30 Dependency Analysis
Oct. 5 Fault-based testing
Oct. 7 Regression testing HW2 assigned (due Oct. 15)
Oct. 12 Monday schedule
Oct. 14 Junit HW3 assigned (due Oct. 22)
Oct. 19 Invariant based testing and review
Oct. 21 Symbolic execution
Oct. 26 Software verification
Oct. 27 Midterm 7pm room 142
Oct. 28 More software verification HW4 assigned
Nov. 2 Data-flow analysis
Nov. 4 Data-flow frameworks HW 4 due
Nov. 9 State propagation
Nov. 10 Thurs. schedule No Class
Nov. 11 Veterans' Day Holiday HW5 assigned(due Nov. 19)
Nov. 16 Concurrency analysis
Nov. 18 Petri nets and reachability analysis
Nov. 23 Finite-state verification
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 30 More finite-state verification
Dec. 2 Safety, licensing, professionalism HW6 assigned
Dec. 7 Hybrid Techniques
Dec. 9 No Class HW6 due
Dec. 13 621 projects 621 projects due
Dec. 14 Review Session Room 150
Dec. 17 Final Exam 8-10am LGRC A301

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